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Integrated Training for Enterpreneurship Promotion INTEP /  Ndunguru, Bernadetta|Gold, Ewald / 2000

Tanzania Small and Medium Scale Enterprise Policy Proposals /  Calcopietro, C.M|Massawe, D /

Youth migration and poverty alleviation: a case study of petty traders (Wamachinga) in Dar es Salaam /  Liviga, Athumani J.|Mekacha, Rugatiri D.K /

Economic analysis of medium scale agricultural enterprises in a predominantly smallholder agriculture sector /  Philip, Damas / 2001

Tanzania child labour in the informal sector: a rapid assessment /  Kadonya, C.|Madihi, M.|Mtwana, S. / 2002

The education and training of artisans for the informal sector in Tanzania /   / 1996

Support for growth-oriented women entrepreneurs in Tanzania /  Stevenson, Lois|St-Onge, Annette / 2005

The growth and involvement of women in the informal sector in Tanzania /  Tundui, Hawa Petro / 2002

Roadmap study of the informal sector in Mainland Tanzania /   / 2002

The political dynamoics of the informal sector /  Muller, Mette / 2004

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