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Curbing Corruption: Toward a Model for Building Nationa Integrity
Stapenhurst, Rick|Kpundeh, Sahr J / 1999


This volume contains selections by theorists and practitioners of governance work, with in-depth case studies of corruption in Tanzania, Uganda, and Sierra Leone. Part I presents lessons of experience. Highlighting the interaction between corruption and economic performance, the chapters discuss a broad range of problems and approaches to reforms. Two examples of good practice are showcased - Hong Kong (China) and Singapore - along with the challenge case of Bolivia. Part II considers economic and institutional approaches to anticorruption efforts. It highlights some of the institutions that can play a role in curbing corruption and pays particular attention to the public sector and civil society, including the media. The final chapter in this part proposes a framework for analyzing and strengthening institutions that can curb corruption. Part III presents the three country case studies. Tanzania and Uganda are relative success stories, while Sierra Leone has failed to curb corruption. One note-worthy lesson is that a multifaceted strategy combining economic reforms and the strengthening of " national integrity " institutions is likely to have more success than piecemeal reforms, such as establishing an anticorruption agency without undertaking related reforms. Essential to any strategy, however, is political commitment.

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