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Coming full circle: agriculture, non-farm activities and the resurgence of out-migration in Njombe district, Tanzania /  Mung'ong'o, C.G. / 1998

The dynamics of population, land scarcity, agriculture and non-agricultural activities: west Usambara Mountains, Lushoto district, Tanzania /  Jambiya, George / 1998

Soil and water conservation in Semi-Arid areas of Tanzania: national policies and local practices /  Hatibu, N;|Lazaro, E. A;|Mahoo, F. B;|Rwehumbiza, F. B;|Bakari, A. M / 1999

Incidence, causative agents and strategy of control of mastitis among samllholder dairy herds in Morogoro, Tanzania /  Shekimweri, M.T;|Kurwijila, L.R;|Mgongo, F.O. K / 1998

Factors affecting the adoption of rain water harvesting technologies in Western Pare Lowlands of Tanzania /  Senkondo, E.M.M;|Mdoe, N.S.Y;|Hatibu, N.;|Mahoo, H;|Gowing, J. /

Technical note on performance of macro-catchment rainwater harvesting for maize production: preliminary results /  Kajiru, G.J;|Hatibu, N.;|Bakari, A.M;|Kishebuka, S.R;|Young, D.B / 1999

Agricultural and livestock policy, 1997: rural food security policy and development Group (RFS) /  Mbilinyi, Marjorie;|Nyoni, Timothy / 2000

Performance of Maize under Micro-Catchment rainwater harvesting in western Pare Lowlands and Morogoro, Tanzania /  Hatibu, N.;|Gowing, J.W;|Mzirai, O.B;|Mahoo, H.F / 1999

Review of rainwater harvesting techniques and evidence for their use in Semi-Arid Tanzania /  Gowing, J.W;|Mahoo, H.F;|Mzirai, O.B;|Hatibu, N / 1999

Tanzania: communicating local farming knowledge /  Mgumia, A. H.; Ruheza, S. / 2001

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