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Introduction of forage choppers in livestock production systems in Tanzania /  Lazaro, E.A|Turuka, F.M.|Mdowe, N.S.Y / 1999

Farmer's participation in village development activities: the role of agricultural and livestock development institutions in Tanzania /  Wambura, R.M.;|Rutatora, D.F. / 1999

Expecting too much from the rural development projects: a case of the Iringa nutrition project /  Msuya, J.M.;|Kinabo, J.L / 1999

Agricultural research, technology development, transfer, uptake and adoption in Tanzania: past and future outlook for the next millennium /  Mtenga, L.A.;|Massawe, N.F.;|Kurwijila R.L. / 1999

Adoption of rainwater harvesting technologies by farmers in Tanzania with particular reference to the western pare lowlands. /  Senkondo, E.M.M;|Lazaro, E.A;|Kajiru, G.J. / 1999

A small push goes a long way: farmers' participation in rainwater harvesting technology development /  Lazaro, E.A;|Senkondo, E.M.M;|Bakari, A.;|Kishebuka, S.R;|Kajiru, G.J / 1999

Comparative economic adavantage analysis of alternative agricultrural production options in Tanzania /  Mbiha, R.R;|Turuka, F.M;|Temu,A.E;|Mdoe, N.S.Y;|Mlabiti, M.E. / 1998

Evaluation of contour barriers for soil and water conservation in Western Pare low land, Tanzania /  Rwehumbiza, F.B.R;|Hatibu, N;|Kishebuka, S.R / 1999

The use of computer simulation to assess the suitability of RWH technology intervention in Semi-arid Tanzania /  Gowing,J.W.;|Young, M.D.B.;|Rwehumbiza, F.B.R / 1999

Changing lifestyles in farming societies of Sukumaland: Kwimba district, Tanzania /  Madulu, Ndalahwa F. / 1998

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