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Tanzania's precious minerals boom: issues in mining and marketing /   Phillips, L.C.; Semboja, H,; Shukla, G.P.; Sezinga, R.; Mutagwaba, W.; Mchwampaka, B.; Wanga, G.; Kahyarara, G.; Keller, P.C / 2001

The manufacturing sector in Tanzania /  Confederation of Tanzania Industries (CTI);|Confederation of Danish Industries(DI) /

Environmental impacts of small scale mining; A case study of Merelani, Kahama, Nzega, Geita and Musoma /  Hangi, A.Y. /

An analysis on Increased competitive preassure in the Tanzanian manufacturing /  Haji, semboja Haji Hatibu / 2001

Poverty and the Environment: Informal Sand-mining, Quarrying and Lime Making /  Jambiya, G., Kulindwa, K. and Sosovele /

Poverty and Technology: The Case of Artisanal Mining /  Mutagwaba, W., Mwipopo, R., Ako and Mlaki, A. /

Tanzania: women in the mining sector /  World Bank / 2001

The private sector and development:Five case studies Bolivia, Joldan,Tanzania,Turkey,Uruguay /  IFC / 1998

Prospects for Tanzania's Mining Sector /  Granberg, Per / 2000

Current status of industry in Tanzania /  Wangwe, Samuel M. /

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